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A full-service marketing agency, located in Trafford Park, adjacent to Media City, Manchester... a central source for your integrated marketing solutions.

We are independently owned and that is reflected in our outlook and approach to everything that we do. We develop content strategies and great creativity that delivers optimum results. We have a passion and experience to help you and your brand succeed.

We produce direct marketing solutions that are creative, practical and cost-effective.
You deal with decision makers.
We make budgets go further - we use what you have and stretch it further than you think.
We deliver on time and respect your finances at every stage.
Giving you what others won’t - we love what we do and it shows.

Wodehouse is a northern company, highly capable and approachable.

1. Concept
We like to think laterally and be open to any possibility, looking for visual cues from the world that surrounds you? What does your brand stand for? What market are you seeking? What’s that colour you love so much on your grannies biscuit tin? Questions, questions but let us bring all this together and present our initial ideas, with our visual language.

2. Develop/Amend
What do you think? Did we get your audience right? Is there something else you like that we hadn’t seen? These are all points of discussion when we fine tune our designs so everybody’s happy and you get something unique!

3. Create
Let’s take a concept and run with the idea we like, pushing the look, refining the concept and polishing off the rough edges, or adding something else perhaps - depending on how we feel! You’ll be consulted throughout the process so you can tell us how we’re doing. Decades of collective experience in professional art working in all market sectors go into our finished designs. Image is of course… everything!

4. Delivery
Let’s talk about the paper and the finish, the audience, the weight of a mailing or, how we put pixels to screen. Nothing goes to chance whether it’s a print design, a building wrap or a web project we take the same amount of care to ensure the finished project surpasses your expectations.

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