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Hospice of the Good Shepherd have worked with Wodehouse for over 10 years, having recently launched a £2.2million, from ‘Silver to Gold’ appeal. 

Hospice of the Good Shepherd

"Treatments include common sense, kindness and compassion" - Nurse.

This is the ethos of the hospice founded in 1989, the fact the end of a life needn't be a negative experience. The hospice provides palliative care for residents of Chester West & Chester and Deeside with life limiting illness. It places equal importance on counselling and making bereavement therapy available to relatives. It also addresses the misconception that patients in a hospice are old. Less than one third of their £4 million pound annual running costs are funded directly from government, the remainder being generated by sponsorships and fundraising.

Wodehouse had worked with the hospice on fundraising initiatives before. We were then approached to rebrand with their new marketing appointment the only insistence being that the colour palette and original logo remained the same, which presented a challenge to add another dimension to the brand. Our "be a good shepherd" concept was chosen over other agencies suggestions, due to extensive experience in the charity sector, we knew how to give the brand a voice. Anyone could be a good shepherd; it empowers the public asking "what they could do?" Our new fresh approach has been rolled out across fundraising events and retail outlets alike. Wodehouse have produced their brand manual and has been responsible for the visual look and development of a number of core web-based fundraising campaigns, spearheading a £2.2 million project, for the next phase of the Hospice's future.

brand values 
Hospice of the Good Shepherd is optimistic, approachable, bold and inspiring, energetic. The Hospice is all-inclusive, not staid, or out of touch, overly traditional or elitist. The Hospice has a serious message but a vigour for life however limited that life may be.  We are aiming for a consistency across all forms of communication, we have sought to create an identity that goes beyond being just purely functional, and encourages engagement. Through solid core colour, layout and choice of type we have aimed to create an identity that is both elegant and confident. Despite modern and forward thinking, the Hospice has a story to tell from years of skilled and dedicated care. 

Extensive brand refresh and design of a corporate brand manual. Leaflets, posters, digital literature, print management. New £2.2 million appeal launch, marketing literature including flyers, newsletters, direct mail, email campaign, digital marketing, website development for microsite. Retail signage, and internal wall art for Charity shops.