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'Every breath you take’ is a community health based programme for the residents of Crewe, Cheshire; a town which has seen a higher than national incidence of lung cancer over the years.

Every breath you take

In April 2015, NHS South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and partners launched a new community-based health campaign in Crewe, to help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer and encourage people to get checked early. This is the EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE campaign.

Compared to other towns and villages in South Cheshire, Crewe has a particularly high incident rate of lung cancer and survival from the disease could be improved if people visited their GP or hospital as soon as they become aware of symptoms.

The Campaign has already been a great success in Crewe. They are now building on this - extending further, to have a greater impact, raising awareness, improving cancer outcomes across Central Cheshire.

Wodehouse were asked to produce a report about the success of the campaign, how people had stepped forward to ask about screening ad the benefits within the local community via simple copy and infographics to support the message.