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Wodehouse – Agency Christmas Round-up!

Looking back over 2017

As always, it’s that time of the year when we can reflect back over the last twelve months and ask ourselves the same question as always – how did we do?

We made a profit, that’s always a good start, especially when everyone is starting to accept that ‘break even’ is the norm nowadays.

We’ve added ‘five’ new clients to our portfolio, three of which became active towards the back end of this year, and two to kick off the New Year with sizeable DM campaigns all booked, confirmed and ready for Easter 2018. It’s astonishing how time flies!

Construction Marketing 

It was also a positive year for us in the bespoke Exhibition sector – the design and build of some significant and memorable exhibition stands has become paramount to the Wodehouse portfolio, working with major companies including WILO UK, Anderton Concrete (an Ibstock Group company) and the NHS – we have earned a reputation for delivering the goods on time, within budget and stress free given the fact that three exhibitions were planned, built and de-rigged in the same week in three different locations!

Charity Marketing

We’ve also won awards for one of our clients the first being for the celebrated Mamillan Cancer Support poster campaign, one for the poster we designed for her and secondly, she also won one of only two very prestigious Macmillan Fellowship Awards which is incredible.

We have also concentrated heavily on significant rebrands for two major clients who were recently absorbed into new parent companies. When you get the ‘seal of approval’ from a main board directive then you know they appreciate the quality of our work.

Around the Team

On a personal note it’s been a very busy year, as a long distance runner I covered the 110Km Lake District Ultra Marathon Challenge last summer and raised £1,500 for Jigsaw Children’s Hospice in Cumbria. Next year we focus on ‘The Wall’ another Ultra, running from Carlisle to Newcastle upon Tyne, notwithstanding I’ve got the Chester Marathon, The Snowdon Marathon and a few other in between!

We’re sponsoring Jigsaw’s ‘Pay for a Day’ initiative and encourage all companies to get involved too and help raise £2,126.46, needed each and every day to keep this amazing facility open.

We’ve working tirelessly with the UK’s Muslim community through various charities and helped one in particular to raise a staggering £128,000 for their recent Rohingya Appeal in just a few weeks – given the gravitas of the situation on the ground over in Bangladesh. I will be visiting Pakistan and Bangladesh in 2018 on ‘fact finding’ missions.

We have a fantastic, talented team ready to pull out all the stops for our clients and indeed, we couldn’t do what we do with the valued support of our dedicated suppliers and associates.

Roll on 2018

We are on a further expansion programme and recruiting for all disciplines going forward. We are pleased to welcome a new member of staff in spring 2018 – initially as a mascot until old enough to operate a mouse – Congratulations to James and Rachel who are expecting their first child in May 2018.

We don’t stop, we are incredibly confident for 2018 and beyond and it’s a team effort through and through. This year has been a great year full of challenges, surprises and laughs – we only think positive!

Merry Christmas to all our readers and clients, and have a happy and prosperous New Year.


Martin Kemp

Wodehouse Direct